30 Countries. 30 Days. Before I’m 30.


My name is Kade Clemensen. I’m 29 years old, from a small town in Utah and I've lived in New York City for over 6 years. I also got to travel extensively throughout my adult life, including living in Hong Kong and Copenhagen. As great as all this sounds, It’s also been 9 months since my last suicide attempt.

If you met me, you’d probably think that I have nothing to be depressed about, but it’s the daily struggle I have dealt with for decades. While my first suicide attempt was at age 8, almost no one, including my family and close friends had had any idea about the depression plaguing me.

If there’s one thing that has kept me grounded, it’s connecting with people and experiencing new cultures. Regardless of race, religion or social background, I love people and enjoy understanding them. After my last suicide attempt I’ve made a concentrated effort to understand  and love myself. Part of my self-realization and strength has come from my interactions with those I meet along my journey. By understanding what others are going through across the world, I’ve been able to gain better perspective of my own issues, as well as understanding things bigger than myself.

This year on September 1st, I turn 30 years old. And in celebration of life, I’m charting a 30-day journey through 30 countries I’ve never been, which will end on my 30th birthday. Traveling is the ultimate inspiration for me personally, and I want to share that inspiration with those who have also suffered from depression.

My goal is to motivate others to take a 30-day challenge to accomplish something that they’re personally passionate about or would like to have a breakthrough in. In the age of social media, we always see the filtered view of what others want us to see. The curated version of their life. My story aims to be less curated and more genuine.

I’m going to be partnering up with the organization called “A Human Project” to raise awareness for kids who suffer from depression and suicide.

Some of the countries I will be visiting include Greece, Croatia, Finland, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal and to see my full itinerary check out my schedule page.

Your donations are what will help make this possible, and I would love to have your support. Please follow me on this journey and if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear from you and possibly meet up with you in your local area or anywhere during my trip!

A Human Project: https://www.ahumanproject.com/

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/30-countries-in-30-days

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Kade Clemensen