Estonia Recap: simple kindness

I met a woman with her son outside an ice cream shop and started making small talk with her about what I was doing in Europe. I then asked her if I could talk to her about happiness and she told me her brother was coming who she hadn’t seen in a long time and would rather talk to him than me. I was definitely taken aback, feeling a bit saddened/shocked and just responded “ok.” I know she was just being honest but it was a cultural experience to take it personal and be sensitive about it.

After that, my spirits were definitely low for a large portion of the day. I was thoroughly enjoying the city of Tallinn but not my high spirited self. It wasn’t until later in the day right before I had to go pack and leave for the airport, I was grabbing a coffee with my friend and the girl who was behind the counter had a happy glow about her. I figured I might as well take another shot.

Conversation of the Day:

Emily was born and raised in Estonia and what makes her happy every day, as simple as it might sound, is food. After not eating for a while and just before your food arrives at a restaurant or you’re preparing your favorite dish, she gets super excited, especially when it’s healthy food. Her response was incredible and so energetic and passionate that it was like I had just heard about food for the first time

Her response was so enthusiastic and I could really see the passion she had about such a basic yet essential part of life. I am an absolute foody and LOVE eating delicious healthy food. I could relate to her in a massive way because food is probably one of my favorite things that helps me feel healthy and fit.

After that, I felt so much better to have had a conversation that was truly authentic and happy. It’s beautiful how far a little kindness can go.

Quote of the Day

“We may feel miserable about something one day, and able to laugh at it the next. Clearly the biggest challenge to our happiness is the mind.”



Kade Clemensen