In Ireland: of arrivals + departures

Hey hey, guys!

I am beyond grateful and enlightened by the love and happiness you can experience from a complete stranger. It is so surreal actually being here on this journey and living moment to moment. I have come such a long way since a year ago and while I have never felt this kind of peace or happiness in my life, there is still an underlying struggle with self-love and depression.

I’m pursuing this 30-day challenge with the hope of not only discovering a stronger, more centered person in myself, but to inspire others to show more love/empathy towards one another. We’re all at our own level of progression in this life, and we should only aspire to help others on their own personal journey rather than to hinder them. “When we compare ourselves with others, we reject our extraordinary uniqueness as individuals.”
- Unknown.

Experience of the Day:
Walking along the waterfront just outside of Dublin, I encountered a father and son (Andrew & Kane) fishing off the pier. They hadn’t really caught anything yet but it was still early in the day. I told Andrew about what I was doing in Europe and the reason behind it. He shared a great insight that I hadn’t really thought of, which was airports being the happiest and saddest places to be; involving the arrival and departure of loved ones.

He also shared with me that one thing that brought him happiness at the end of everyday was when his 4 kids were safe and sound asleep; he would then have some peace and stillness to himself after a long day at work. His son Kane (age 5) said that “going to grandma’s house” is what made him happy... and also the sweets she would always have prepared ;)

As I said goodbye, I pat Kane on the back and he laughed with excitement having caught two fish at that moment.

Ireland has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe; Andrew’s sister had a friend that committed suicide just a few years ago. She was under the financial stress and pressure of losing her own home and would go through periods in her life of feeling imprisoned in her own home from anxiety/depression unable to leave or work.  These are two things that I can personally empathize with, having been too depressed to wake up or leave my apartment for weeks and, because of this, being burdened with financial trouble.

I can personally attest to there being light and happiness just beyond those dark and crippling times. It isn’t easy to even know where to begin to get help or make a change, but by sharing what you’re going through and opening up to someone about it, that’s where it all can start.

I love you all and am still working out the kinks of this 30-day journey but it means so much to have love and support from everyone, especially complete strangers. Your genuine response to what I’m doing this trip for, is what will help me keep pushing through until the end.

Kade “Kadorade”

Quote of the Day
“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow”
- Vincent van Gogh

Andrew and his son Kane

Andrew and his son Kane

My dear friend Kate

My dear friend Kate

Kade Clemensen